What you are purchasing is Ebay ready listings.

What you will receive is either folders of
50-100-150 or all 300.

This will save you HOURS even DAYS of time-what
they say TIME IS MONEY. Use that EXTRA TIME to spend with family or other MONEY MAKING Ventures.

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Ready Made listings for Ebay Packages are in these three categories Home and Garden-Sports and Leisure- Pets Toys and Supplies

Package prices for amazon.com new pkgs will be out every 4 months
50 Ready Made listings for Ebay Packages $9.97buynow
100 Ready Made listings for Ebay Packages $12.47buynow
150 Ready Made listings for Ebay Packages $17.47 buynow
All 300 Ready Made listings for Ebay Packages
(No doubles)
Package prices for amazon.ca new pkgs will be out every 4 months

Ready Made 50 Listings For Ebay

all onetime payment


Ready Made 100 Listings For Ebay$12.47buynow
Ready Made 150 Listings For Ebay$17.47buynow
All Ready Made 300 Listings For Ebay
No doubles

300 Amazon.com , Ebay ready made Listings listings $10

These are February 2015 listings

Some items may no longer be for sale or maybe out of stock

This package does NOT come with money back guarantee

All 300 for Pet Supplies & Toys, Sports & Leisure, and Home and Garden
(No doubles)


this package only

All other packages come with 100% money back Guarantee

All packages contain the listings from Home and Garden, Sports and Leisure, Pet Toys and Supplies

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